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Our Mission

Smile Every Day Orthodontics has created an environment where you can be yourself, while surrounded by friendly staff and dentists that care! We realize the importance of prevention and strive to educate our patients in the development of healthy habits.

Our goal is to provide gentle, comfortable care with compassion and respect for your worries.

Dr. Ian Lieberman

A graduate of the Orthodontic Residency at the University of Colorado, Dr. Ian Lieberman is an accredited and experienced orthodontist that cares for you.

Dr. Ian Lieberman brings his passion for orthodontics to his patients and takes great pleasure in seeing the difference he can make in people’s lives.

Fantastic Staff

At Smile Every Day Orthodontics, you can be sure our caring and skilled staff will make you feel welcome and comfortable in a friendly, professional manner.

Our staff wishes to provide the most caring and efficient service, from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave: this is how we believe long-lasting relationships are established and cultivated with our patients.

Our Promise

Dr. Ian Lieberman is a devoted orthodontist, who prides himself on spending ample time with patients and ensure that all of their questions are answered.

At Smile Every Day Orthodontics we strive to provide gentle, comfortable care with compassion and respect for your worries.

Dr. Lieberman with Patient, orthodontics

Serving Plantation and Tamarac

At Smile Every Day Orthodontics, Dr. Ian Lieberman and his team offer a range of treatments and procedure to help you maintain a healthier, whiter smile. From Invisalign to traditional braces and everything in between, Dr. Ian Lieberman and his staff will help you find the best orthodontic treatment for your individual needs. Patients in Broward County have witnessed Dr. Ian Lieberman’s dedication and skills; their testimonials are a spontaneous demonstration of their satisfaction and loyalty to him.


My son has had his braces for just over a year now. Hopefully he will be done soon! We appreciate the flexibility and the customer service focus of this office. The payment plans available are very reasonable and it is a set amount even if the braces end up staying on longer than expected. It is easy to make or change appointments as needed which is helpful as my teenage son has a busy schedule. My son has had to have a few emergency appointments and there is a lot of flexibility for these. Everyone is welcoming and friendly in the office!

Alex M

When I first got my braces about a year ago, I remember listening to Dr. Ian Lieberman telling me that my teeth will look flawless in just a year and a few months. Honestly, I did not believe him at all when he said this. However, I was totally proven wrong as I kept getting my braces tightened every month. Each month, I kept seeing amazing results I never imagined would even occur. Even when I had my braces for a year. My teeth looked much better than when I started. If you want your confidence to increase rapidly, I recommend Dr. Lieberman to treat you.

Charles D

Dr. Lieberman is the best. Him and his staff made the process so easy for both my kids when it came to preparing for their braces you guys bed side manners are the best I would recommend you to anyone. ..keep up the great work

Mary W

Wow! To be honest everyone in this office has applied the golden rule and thus treated me how I would like to be treated, To that i say thank-you very much, also you guys are a great team and an example to everyone, most importantly you guys manage to get things done in a FAST, EFFICIENT, ACCURATE manner! As to Dr. Ian Lieberman you are excellent in what you do, you have humor, patients, and the fine touch when working with braces, I would like for you all to give yourselves a good pat on the back. keep it up and great work!

Robert M

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